please allow me to introduce myself


Who am i?

please allow me to introduce myself

I want you to know me,
know what’s inside of me.
And feel how I reflect it on my body and yours.
Feel all of it.
I want to share with you my most inner fantasies.
I want to literally show you what I mean and let you experience where I can.
Visualize me.
Use you’re imagination.
Do you see me?
Can you feel me?
Picture this.
I want to dare with you.
I want to be able to be with you.
I want you here with me.
I want you to look closely when I do myself.
I want to show you how it’s done.
Look at me as I play with my clitoris, working my way down. Using my fingers. Further and further.
Watch me as I fuck myself.
Deeper. Harder.
I want you to notice that I don’t just follow the rules, I make the rules and I do me my way.
I lust for you.
That horny naughty feeling.
For more.
Feel me.
Taste me.
Everything me.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld


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