above and beyond


New Year’s Eve. Clock is ticking and tension rises.
Not because it’s almost midnight in a few hours and one has to celebrate and kiss and drink and party all night long in a perfunctory way.
Tension rises because of what we have in mind.
You and me.
We are friends for life and tonight ‘partners in crime’.
We have our own dresscode and it’s called latex.
You wear red and mine’s matte black.
Two catsuits, with only one zipper that can be opened from both sides.
If you want to know how far (you can reach), think, use your imagination.
You know the answer.
That zipper is your gateway to heaven or hell.
Which will it be for you?
Red or black? Or do you want us both?
It will burn anyway.
We want to feel.
We are above and beyond this evening.
And we are averse to conventions, we don’t obey good to any rule what so ever.
We don’t want to wait until midnight to throw glitter in one’s face.
We drink champagne here and there.
We don’t just kiss, but tongues.
The last hours of the year seem to keep you in an desperate icy grip.
Because you have to have fun.
Because you have to be everything, which you don’t really want to be. At least not now. Because it doesn’t feel right. Do you recognize that?
The great pretender doesn’t suit us well, it makes us want to run. Into nowhere. The great escape.
We want role play instead of play(ing) (a) role.
We are above and beyond this evening.
And we celebrate. With you.
For us no thoughts full of expectations translated into New Year’s resolutions.
Because we don’t mean it.
And you do not live up to them.
And that does not matter either.
Because we just don’t care.
Everything that matters is us and you.
All you have to do is choose.
Which zipper will open and how? Are you starting at the top or at the bottom?
You make the right choice or you do not actually choose.
You decide. Exactly as we want you to do. And had figured out. Much much earlier, earlier than you will ever know.
You lick, you suck, you bite my nipples. They are horny hard.
At the same time you go into her. Deeper and deeper.
I catch her eyes and feel her horniness so intensely. This is happening. I am here, and I look at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it.
Here is everything a new year has to offer us. She knows that and me too. In this moment, it feels like we are infinite.
We only have one zipper to go.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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