(to) keep(ing) your head up

(to) keep(ing) your head up

I’m not necessarily that kind of person who falls asleep in your arms,
I prefer to sleep alone and I usually wake up like that.
But when I happen to wake up with you,
I’ll make sure it’s more than worth it. For both you and me.
Maybe you think I’m overcompensating for the mornings that you have to do it alone, you’ve got it wrong, this is who I am and this is how I do it. With you, this Sunday morning.
For me, therefore, no entanglement of each other’s bodies.
I prefer to feel (in) the dark, always looking (out) for you.
I feel and I feel and I come across your dick, which is perfectly hard.
I hope that’s because I’m lying next to you.
But actually I hope and wish for you to have this every morning, you deserve it and whoever wakes up next to you.
Wow. You’re hard-horny-ready for it. Just the way I like seeing you, feeling you. Because I feel you, baby.
I strongly feel the need and desire to give you a handjob, may I?
You should know, I’m a perfectionist. I want to do you good and treat it right.
Tell me how you masturbate and how you work yourself to a mindblowing ejaculation? Or better yet, let me see?
Show me how you like it, take my hand wherever you want me to hold your dick and lead me.
Lead me until I know and feel and see how this works for you.
Yes, like that…yeah.
It’s almost like finding ‘the job’ you like and then keeping it.
Finding your perfect ‘job’ isn’t easy, it requires attention. My attention.
You can give a man a handjob without specific reason, but not without specific attention.
He will notice if you ‘take the job’ easy or should I say ‘fake the job’ easy?
Every ‘job’ you fake, he’ll be watching you.
So take it or leave it.
I start off a bit slow (no, of course, not too slow, no worries) and I go loosely down and up, over your hard dick, I softly squeeze your head, play with it. As I do this, I stroke your balls. Soft, but sexy.
I know when you want me to do you faster and my grip on your dick becomes firmer.
It’s horny looking at you.
It’s horny seeing how you don’t just enjoy, but you really enjoy, there is nobody here, just us together (keepin’ me hot like July forever).
It’s horny when I’m the reason you cum, ejaculate intensely, feel your warm sperm in and all over my hands. I want to smell it. It smells so good. You smell so good.
To lick your fingers.
That’s what it is and that’s what I’ll do.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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