this one’s for you

this one’s for you

For all you romantics out there, or not.
No red roses or a secretly written love letter on this Valentine’s Day.
Especially for you, here’s my ode to you(r) love.
This time no rawness, some kind of superficiality or ‘porn’.
Today’s all about happiness. Today is all for love. And love for all, baby.
Not ‘just’ on this Valentine’s Day, always, and forever I want to be as loving as I can be, to you, but today just a little bit more. Of everything.
I think of wearing the same warm socks (I actually like that, really, and I dare to say so) and a burning fire in the fireplace.
I think of red wine and beautifully written texts, from books that are my favorite and that I want to share. With you.
I think of massaging your head. Soft kisses on your forehead. Gently close your eyelids and stroke them tenderly. Touching the tip of your nose. Follow my way to your lips. Follow their form, seeing again how truly beautiful they are.
I think about lying by your side, warm and safe, and scratching your back, so softly.
I think of giving cute little kisses in your neck.
I think of tickling and laughing. Together.
Watching t.v. movies on the living room armchair, ones we’ve already seen, but that doesn’t matter, because when we’re together it’s as if we see, experience, feel everything for the very first time. That is the secret and the beauty of ‘us’.
Baby, I like to see you relax.
I like to watch you when you fall asleep, because falling asleep, in itself, is fragile and sweet.
I’m proud that you find your peace with me, you can let yourself go and be free, psychically and emotionally. It makes me happy and grateful.
I forever want to be your always. I want you to be, my Valentine.
Valentine is coincidentally also the name of the boy with whom I experienced my ‘very first time’.
It was summer. All. The. Way.
It was a night full of beautiful stars. Right then and there.
It was outside.
Sultry, as sultry is meant.
It was clumsy.
It was sweet.
I wonder how he’s doing now.
(I hope he’s a) Happy Valentine.
But even more than that, I wish that for everyone , especially you, who reads me, right now.
Enjoy. Of yourself. Because then ‘each other’ will succeed even more. Baby, if it’s love, it’ll last a lifetime.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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