I like to watch.
I like to see how you first notice her, in the crowd, how she makes your eyes shine.
I like to see how you make contact and the other way around.
I like to watch your body language, how everything is getting heated&happy for more to come. I can easily tell, just by watching you.
I like to look at your mouths, when you laugh, but especially when you kiss.
Your tongue scan hers, but then, I hope rather quickly, its French kissing as if it were the city of Paris itself (imagine if the city of Paris could kiss).
Hands feel. Everywhere.
It turns me on. Seeing how you’re both so fucking horny. At each other.
It makes me hot soaking wet to see all the stages of your beautiful foreplay.
From a distance. But close by.
I want to see more.
Continue. Please.
Let me watch you get naked.
So take of. Take of all of your clothes.
She’s ready for you, oh yeah, she is. See how she’s sitting in front of you. Watch her slowly show you her everything.
I watch her take your cock in her mouth and suck it, intensively. Wow. You like this, don’t you? I can see you enjoying, even if I had my eyes closed.
I watch you fingering her, while she’s giving head.
She moves her ass up and down, as if she follows the rhythm of your fingers or maybe she wants them deeper. I hear her groan, she wants more. Of you.
I lift her head a little and I kiss her. Her tongue is soft and wet. Her lips too.
I turn her your way, softly, she lets me, we have the same thought.
Reach out and touch, baby.
The moment I let go of her, is the moment I got more.
She rides your dick, slow, firm, horny. Your hands on her ass, leading her, but also not. You don’t have to, because she’s so very good at it by herself.
I look at you and you catch my eye. Pure ‘horny understanding’. Or is it pure ‘understanding horny’? It always works both ways, I believe.
We both watch how she fucks you.
I’m watching both of you and you watch her and me. This creates a beautiful kind of ‘us’ on this special occasion evening.
Looking at each other, watching each other go, makes the whole thing even more exciting than it already is.
Here no words are needed.
This is body language at its best.
You fucking her from the back.
Increasingly harder and deeper.
Her cheeks blush.
Her eyes half closed.
Her mouth in a blissful smile, lips that shine.
Your horny faces.
To watch how you ejaculate.
And what a wonderful extra, she does too.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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