private dancer

private dancer

This new blogporn appears on my birthday. Yes, you’re reading this correctly, this blogporn appears and it happens to be my birthday
Well, what to do with this information? Nothing at all, of course. Quickly forget. But let me at least take you to a special birthday that led to a certain and lasting interest on my part?
Just for fun and no strings attached. Is there a better combination?
I will take you to a birthday evening where me and my friends ended up in a strip club. I thought by accident, but as it soon turned out that wasn’t the case. As is often the case with coincidence, that it’s not a coincident at all or it doesn’t turn out to be one.
I like them old-fashioned style (back then) smoky clubs, where the atmosphere is right, the women beautiful and sexy and above all sweet (for each other), the men gallant handsome and manly, you’ll hear erotic music and everything and everyone is thrilled of what’s yet to come. This is what a stripclub is all about, if you’re lucky to have found the one. As I know from experience, there are unfortunately also enough bad exceptions. But this was it. And then it al comes together, your birthday turns into an evening where everything is possible, because you’re celebrating, and you’re there and you want it and it’s fucking sexy.
It was right there that I’ve experienced my first private lapdance. Before I got it, however, I was ‘invited’ to come on stage. So far coincidence, you see? They asked me if I wanted a ‘cream dessert’. You don’t have to be very intelligent to be able to guess what was meant by this.
Licking cream of a naked woman or a man, what you want, but in my case it was a woman, is fun to experience. But in combination with what I’ve already had, it was not exactly a party, to s(t)ay in birthday terms. I couldn’t really enjoy it and by it, I don’t mean the whipped cream.
We, especially my friends and actually everyone who was there, including the staff, have laughed very much about my clumsiness and my whipped cream face afterwards. And who doesn’t want to laugh out loud on her or his birthday? Everyone wants that and I want that for everyone.
The private lap dance however was of a completely different order. It was sensual and o so horny. When I think back on it now, I immediately again feel how excitingly hot it was. You may think that it’s in a way somewhat uncomfortable, such a private moment with an unknown woman. For her and myself, it was good. You can see that and you can feel that when you look at someone and she touches and kisses you first. It was sex, but without actual ‘intercourse’.
To hear music. See and follow her body, her scent, her eyes, her breasts, stiff nipples, both, her softness, our wetness, tongues, licking, gently biting, sucking, yes, that too and then wilder and hornier and riding (on to) each other like crazy. Grind. Cum. And all that with my panties still on.
This was perfect and a fascination was born. On my own birthday even more. Since then I like to go on discovery trips to really good and beautiful clubs, these are clubs where women are welcome and feel it too, where respect, but also decency is of major importance, where women are on a pedestal and nothing is staged, except for the stage to dance on itself and where men also show off their best side, but in an other way, follow me?
So I’ll never forget I once entered a beautiful chic gentlemen’s club abroad. It was ‘velvet highway’, velvet curtains, plush on the couches and velvet on the walls. Dark, but in a way dark is supposed to be. Classy, ​​horny, incredibly sexy, everything was just right. This is where it happens, I felt it in my body. I want to be here. The music I heard was from Enigma and that gave a special kind of almost magical atmosphere. I saw a beautiful woman with a dito body. Pole dancing had never been so intense, slow, beautiful and sexy before. Magisterial.
The most intimate exciting scenario is one where you have your man next to you, who also likes and understands this (of you) and with whom you can share with whom you can share all. To have that is to cherish, forever. I’ll always be your private dancer, baby. And remember: any old music will do.

Note to self: it’s your party and you’re not going to cry, even if you might want to and yeah babe: you can have your cake and eat it too.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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