the day after the night before

the day after the night before

I wake up and it takes a little while before I realize where I am and I remember how I got here.
I look around and see remnants of what was one hell of a crazy party. My birthday party. Celebrated with all my friends and then with you in our own private way. In your house. On your kitchen counter, in your bed. Is where we’ve ended.
When I look around, I notice various sex attributes and accessories, lubricant, poppers, an empty bottle of champagne and your underwear.
I wore only a little tight dress last night, no bra and no panties. What to do or what to wear when I go home, is a concern for later.
I still feel an unstoppable desire for sex, your sex. And that desire grows as much as your cock does, right now, as I watch you sleep. Your cock however is horny hard and wide awake.
Sex with a hangover is of a slow manner. Slow hangover sex can be sweet or very rough and raw because in a way you still feel a bit intoxicated from the night before and that influences not only you, but also your sex. It influences how one feels.
I kiss your closed eyes and lick your lips. I do it wet and soft.
I disappear under the blankets and find my way right where I want to be. Baby, you’re in ’Blowjob Walhalla’. How’s that for a wake up call?
Before you know what happens, or maybe you know already but you just play along very well with what I have in mind, who knows and who cares, I ride your cock.
Your hands find my hips and adjust to their tempo. In a similar form of slowness, we fuck, subdued, silent, but horny, rough and yeah, even rougher.
That is what I meant just now. That rawness that’s inside of us, it must get out. Get out, loud. I come first, clitoral. You finish it, in a way that rhymes with all. Copy that?
When feeling hungover, it helps to take a long and hot shower, especially of course when you’re together. You can extensively wash and massage each other and again no rush is needed. All is well and all is good. Wet warm rays over your face, tongues and start (the day) over again, but then standing.
So, here I go, brave and happy girl. I’ve washed away all what’s left behind. A wonderfully fresh start, not to mention, a brand new year of life. Whatever tomorrow may bring me, I have confidence and I feel (you) good. When tomorrow comes, I’m gonna be the one.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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