soul seeker

soul seeker

If I could look beyond your face, and photograph your hidden place, would I find you smiling in the picture?
Will you show me how you think, experience and feel?
How your world is different from mine or maybe also not?
Will you let me see what makes you laugh, will you allow me to reach out and touch your heart?
Will you show me when you’re in ecstasy?
And what turns you on, in a inner most sensual horny way?
If I could look inside your head, will you let me really see the world through your eyes?
Beautiful eyes, sometimes so close, but sometimes also far and even further.
I wonder how you watch and what it is you see exactly.
How you experience and what you think or feel or both.
How it all translates to or through your body. That physiological reaction inside of you, maybe you’ll get warm, your pupils get bigger and what about your cock?
Can it be the other way around? That your body is one step ahead of you and that emotional and/or sexual arousal points you to something or someone special? Too good, not to be true, but to let go?
Too often we are oblivious to the obvious.
I sometimes catch your eyes, lascivious and horny. You undress me with your eyes (only). Unseen, except for us.
We speak a language, only lovers do.
If I could read your thoughts, what would you tell me?
Would you tell me up close and personal that you’re here? That I just have to close my eyes and see (you)?
Or would you whisper to me from afar?
I would hear you, somewhere, somehow. But do I really want to understand you?
I would listen to you and try.
Turn off my thoughts and open my heart.
Trust (on it) and let (you) go.
Because that what I dream of and wish for, will find me again and then (I’ll meet you) again.
I silently whisper ‘come back’.
I imagine how you’d say or maybe only think back one morning: ‘yes’.
I remember how I once told you that I would like to read you from books that are my favorite, remember? Here, for you, read and feel it deep down. For it has a truthiness that is intuitive.
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.
How Le Petit Prince from my childhood, would be an example forever, for all. (always remember, you are) My King.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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