(what’s the story) morning glory

(what’s the story) morning glory

I was dreaming when I wrote this. Picture this.
The sun is up, the sky is blue, light shines in, but it still feels like dark too dark to see, because bitterly cold.
I can hear the wind, it’s always here, blowing in my mind. Mercilessly sometimes, but mostly some kind of wonderful.
It’s early in the morning and I hear all kinds of birds. Whistling their songs, rich and complex at the same time.
A variety of sounds take over my thoughts and suddenly I’m elsewhere.
I’m there where spring is.
In all her glory.
I can feel it in my body.
As if I’m wonderfully sensitive and everything, I mean literally everything, feels, smells, tastes like more. You especially, especially for you.
It’s a kind of awakening, but not just on some ordinary morning.
It’s leaving the winter behind you and feel the sun. Really. Feel. Her.
As if you let her into your heart, your head and your body, for the very first time. Little did you know. You love her so.
That sun, yeah baby, particularly that sun, she feels good, she gives warmth and she is your happiness.
She can see your true colors, make them even deeper and more beautiful, did you know that?
And everything is so fucking sexy. Up to your new wardrobe.
Back to the shore. There where I live.
I’m still in bed and in my head it’s spring, maybe even almost summer, funny how these things happen. Desire of thought.
I sleep naked, so will.i.am.
Touch me in the morning and last thing at night.
Thinking of you in inappropriate places I get tingling sensations in private locations where I wish to be caught between a rock and your hard place.
I want that spring, almost summer, feeling from inside my head all over my body. From top till toe.
I wish you were here, in my bed, your hand between my legs, your fingers where I want them and where you think they belong. At least. For now.
Hear you whispering good morning, while you stroke my hair.
I get goosebumps from your little sweet soft kisses in my neck and I feel your stiff cock against my ass. I play with it, push it gently, but not accidentally and I make you even harder.
Waking up like this. Together. Spoon me baby.
Smelling the outside everything, because the windows are wide open.
Embracing the sun as she enhances our mood.
So that comes first.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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