taste the taste

taste the taste

I wanna taste the taste.
The taste of pure passion.
An overall state of scents and flavors.
I want to taste myself and then you too.
I want to smell the all of you and myself on you.
I want your fingers in my mouth.
I want to suck on them, sensual, sloppy sucking, softly, but hard enough, wet, playful, looking at you.
Masturbate while doing all of this.
See how you get a hard one and how your precum appears. Droplet shape. Glistening. Beautiful. Horny.
I want that drop. I want it. To feel your cock, my mouth, my lips, my tongue, they work so well together. As they should.
I want to spread the smell of that same horniness. Filling the entire room with our sex. And experience how that conjures up to more, desire, wishes, generates, attracts, pulls out, our clothes.
I want to be in turn.
Give my turn to you.
Do not miss out on anything.
Play this game flawlessly.
Flawless becomes endless and we still don’t get tired of it. Of each other.
There is no off, so just press on.
You know that place where everything happens and everything is possible and everything is allowed?
How does that sound to you?
How do you like that, baby?
Let me count to ten.
Who’s not gone, is here to stay.
So if you’re ready for me boy.
Push my butt(on) and let me know.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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