paper romance

paper romance

I write to you as if we are true lovers.
I share with you my deepest and most intense inner desires.
Things I’ve experienced and things I long for and what I dream of.
Couldn’t be much more from the heart.
Words are the lingerie of the mind.
You and I, baby, we only exist on paper. So there is always that taste for more. You. Us.
Do you recognize that?
That feeling of yearning for?
Desire for longing.
Getting to know you.
To feel.
To kiss.
To hold.
And so on. Even more than that.
It works on paper.
We work on paper.
I imagine myself how it would be.
If you were here and I am too.
If you won’t have to read me, but I can show and tell you. Or read you to(o).
How would it be? If I saw you?
Would we laugh together? Uncontrollable and pure, as I often wish for?
Could I cry in front of you? For the first time?
Would you kiss my eyelashes? Even if they are wet from my tears?
Do you caress and hold me? Pull me close and closer to you?
Would you kiss me like never ever before, because before didn’t exist and didn’t matter? For, we didn’t exist yet, although we did matter.
I fantasize about how intensely we kiss, tongues. Magical and free and horny and hornier.
I’m trying to see that moment so brightly, right about now.
As if I could really see you, touch you, your eyes, they smile so beautifully and your inner self too.
How you undress me slowly and I do you.
How we can’t keep up that slowness and that it’s because of our tongues. The degree of intensity with which we kiss each other determines the pace at which we strip our clothes.
So in no time, we’re naked.
No time becomes (my) all time (favorite).
I’m excited meeting you, did you know that?
I look forward to your radiant eyes, your from ear to ear smile, your purity, your passion, your horniness, your mouth, your lips, your tongue, your cock, your erection, my mouth, my tongue, my pussy, my tight little ass.
I don’t know if someday I’ll meet you.
But I will continue to write you.
I’ll keep on dreaming.
I’ll keep holding on, holding on to everything that’s beautiful, sweet, pure, naughty, horny, all of it together, until one day you’re here too and all is one.
I feel your heat.
I never wanna let you go.
I don’t want to take a chance on this paper romance.
So be real.
Be here.
To stay.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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