casual Friday

casual Friday

It’s warm at the office.
Despite of the air conditioning.
I turn around on my chair.
Feeling everything.
Mostly right there.
Can’t concentrate.
Thinking about you.
I wear a tight pencil skirt.
No panties.
I imagine how I go to the toilet.
Meet you there.
You slide my skirt up.
How we fuck silently, standing.
I’m trying to keep quiet.
Your hand in front of my mouth.
Because we did this before.
And want to do it more.
I feel you(r) hard, tight in me.
It has something manly rough.
The way you fuck me.
Ejaculate in my wet pussy.
Pull my skirt down again.
Kiss my neck.
Smile your smile.
And leave.
I bring myself back to normal, radiant eyes show and tell the tale of us.
Back to normal, as good as it gets.
But that doesn’t really matter that much.
After all, that’s what casual Friday’s are all about, aren’t they?
Starting this very minute.
So from me to you:
Live up to your fantasies, happy Friday to all.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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