getting there

getting there

I am always on the move.
Inside my head and far beyond.
Sometimes I live unaware and insecure, the fast and faster.
I’ll keep moving on, holding on.
Dream my most beautiful dreams.
And I dream, wish, enjoy, laugh, ray of light you with me.
You feel close. To me. Even if you are not. Still you are here.
In ecstasy meets in (e)motion.
Your heart, my soul and vice versa.
We’re both on our way.
Falling down a spiral, destination unknown.
But what to do in the meantime?
Meet me halfway?
Meet me there and laugh with me, cry with me, make love to me.
I want to be on the road together.
Using all the right moments to learn from each other, for all the right reasons.
Make mistakes, fall, get up upon our feet.
Trying to understand and trying again.
Choosing and experiencing adventures together.
I think of a variety of possibilities.
Within our reach.
In the future.
Oh baby, this near future, she laughs her laugh.
Sweet, but also so naughty. Yes, she already knows. All that sparkles, glitters, ‘cause boy we’re gold, boy we’re gold.
Sometimes the smallest things in life are the most greatest.
Dive with me, into this adventure.
Exciting, short, intense.
Undress me.
Do me. Please.
I want to stand naked in front of you.
Take a good look at me.
If necessary, squat, bend over, see me.
Feel me.
Go in me.
Notice horny and getting hornier.
How wet becomes wetter.
By you.
Hotter and better and more of.
Our sex.
I want to stay there in front of you.
Stare at each other, gaze, while you let your fingers do their magisterial work.
Don’t let my perfect horny ass miss out all of the fun, she wants to play this game too, because I just love love love it and it makes me needy for more. Fingers.
So go in me.
Smell me.
Taste me.
Finger me. Good.
Do it as I told you.
Improvise, surprise me, but don’t deviate too much.
I want you to let me cum.
Right there and then, right in front of you. While we stare each other’s eyes.
So follow my instructions, handle with care.
As I write this, my hand is in my panties.
I’m masturbating. Right this very minute. I think of you and the adventure as described above.
My labia and clitoris swell. My pussy is so so wet. My nipples hard and my breasts feel big and bigger. My heartbeat’s up, temperature’s rising. I feel you, baby.
So tell me.
Tell me to cum. Even if they are my fingers, it’s your words that do (it for) me:
‘cum cum my lady, you’re my butterfly’.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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