Nightswimming is the best.
It deserves a quiet night.
The sun shines for a long time and everything feels so warm and enlightened.
Skinny dipping is delightfully wonderful.
That free, happy feeling, like a mermaid in the water.
Everything feels so good, in all the right places.
You and me, playing in the water, spattering, laughing, with an occasional playful touch.
It turns me on.
How we tease, look at, entertain and caress each other.
Quasi nonchalant re-enact the elevator scene.
Dirty Dancing, all time favorite.
I embrace you. My legs around you. My breasts against you. My nipples tease you.
That’s where your erection begins.
I know how to prolong it by kissing your neck, softly sucking, goose bumps all over.
I want you in me already, but you turn me around.
You grab my breasts, you play with my nipples. You push your hard dick against my ass. You bite my neck. You growl from your horniness.
This is that moment of precum, which I love so much.
Do you understand?
Dry fucking you, whilst in the water, makes me super horny wet.
I circle around you and you look at me.
My green eyes lighten up and upper through different light traps.
Yours look dark and unfathomable, like the ocean beneath us.
That moment is beautiful. To remember forever and likewise cherish very very much. In my heart.
You kiss me. I kiss you back.
Infinite happiness, there, right there and then. You go in me. You fuck me.
It’s intense. Because it’s outside. We are naked. Your hand on my hips, a finger in my ass. You lead me, boy, how you lead me. I feel you and I feel what’s coming.
It’s perfect.
The sun goes down.
You eyaculate.
I cheerfully blink a joke out of it.
Seed really swims.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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