past the past

past the past

Is there such a thing as a sad story?
See below.
Is there such a thing as sad sex?
See also below.
Fucking without really caring.
Just don’t feel like you’re in the right kind of mood.
Your thoughts elsewhere.
So is the blowjob.
A half hard one.
Foreplay that is skipped for all the wrong reasons.
Too fast of everything and too slow when it needs to be faster.
A wrong kiss.
Which does not encourage you for more.
The whole world on your shoulders.
That everything matters, except for you and me.
No time.
Frustrated and then regrets.
Patience that is never rewarded.
Stare and get lost in your eyes, but not as you ‘envisioned it’.
Can’t pretend.
Tells the tale in the bedroom.
Fuck. Further. Away.
Inspireless, but in itself sweet. So being content with that. Being content with so little. That almost nothing (of yourself) remains.
Being tired.
Want to cum and focus solely on that. Being alone. Feeling lonely.
Forgetting about the other.
Actually wanting to forget about everything. But you can’t.
Getting the cold shoulder.
Being lonely together instead of all is one.
Rather fall asleep.
Hesitating to wake up.
Same shit. Different day.
But is the most sad sad sex of the world, still better than to have no sex at all?
I am a fool for L.O.V.E. And a sucker for romance.
And I wait and I wait and I wait. For you.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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