to romance

to romance

There are all types of sex.
I like most, a variety of choices, what more do you want?
From slow morning sex, where I’m sitting on top of you and we fuck it all, not saying anything, but at the same time everything.
To a raw quickie somewhere against a wall, here, outside. Bruises, abrasions on my back, I don’t care.
From midnight to the early morning. See the moon and the stars, fun until the sun rises, surprise you and the same goes the other way around.
Position 69, nice and long(er).
Sitting in front of you, show you my everything. Glory hole(s).
Let myself be taken by you, firm, rough.
When you cum, I feel your sperm in me.
Those last punches before you come, I feel you, I feel it. These last bits of you are so intense and deep. I don’t want anything else and I don’t anything more (certain).
Sex in the toilet at a party, music sounds muted, but not me. Your hand on my mouth makes me even more horny.
Being outside, roll in the grass, tongues, my skirt up, fingering.
Giving you a handjob, embracing your scent. Semen between my fingers. Suck on it.
Tickle, love, caress, massage, spoon spoon me, baby.
Pull my hair, tie my wrists and yes, my ankles too.
All types of sex for all types of moments.
I want to experience them all with you. I want to feel them with you.
I’m a girl with a one track mind.
So much to do in one lifetime.
I want it all.
And I want it now.
Fall, get up, continue.
Little time or all time (favorite).
As long as we never forget one important thing. A salient detail, of significant importance to all.
Let us not forget to see each other, but really see, before we feel (each other), in any way whatsoever. The choice is yours. Don’t let love fall into pieces.
Don’t be oblivious to the obvious.
Magisterial sex deserves a stage, a place where it can unfold into something magical. So give honor, be humble, romance the sky. If the sky is the limit, romance too.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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