wild is the wind

wild is the wind

A storm is coming.
Thunder all through the night
Promise to see you in the morning light.
Lightning crashes.
Mighty beautiful.
I love love love it.
I wish you were my storm.
Unstoppable. Again.
Sturdy. Fiercely. Dangerous. Mad, but in a good and crazy kind of way. Are you with me?
Dark clouds versus dark eyes. Unreachable. Far.
Heavy to very heavy gusts of wind.
Wetness all over (you).
Pull over me, baby.
Please storm as hard as you possibly can.
For us no weak breeze, but true strength.
Let me feel.
Move me.
For my love is like the wind.
Wild is the wind.
Let it go right through my heart.
Touch me.
Do everything with me. Win (d) power.
I want you to let me just overcome you.
Whirling as i(t) should be.
Streaks of lust and love. Streaks of love and lust.
Laugh, dance in the rain.
Being naked outside. Together. Play.
Rain drops everywhere.
Kissing each other, wet hair beauty.
Run through the puddles in the garden. Goosebumps.
Hold myself on to. What ever was.
And dare to hide in your arms.
‘Cause baby, through the storm we reach the shore.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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