make me dirty

make me dirty

Dive into the ocean with me.
Roll in the sand with me.
Walk in the forest with me.
Stamp in puddles with me.
Take a mud bath with me, yes let’s do that.
Immerse me. Let’s go deeper, beneath it all.
Rolling. Together.
Frolic too.
Let’s do like animals do.
But also. Eat (with) me.
Whipped cream me. Stiff. I (am) yours. Beating hard and pounding heart.
Spray on me.
Lick me.
And then. Wash me.
Tender me.
Love me.
Treat me.
Kiss me.
Intense. Surprise me.
Lust me.
Finally. Forgive me.
Refresh me.
Re-pack yourself.
Take me.
Choose us.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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