How magnificent would it be, if you meet someone who wants to know your wishlist.
That this person not only wants to know it, but also wants to see and feel and experience it, and more.
That with this person you feel truly equal and everything between you is on the basis of equality and mutual respect?
Someone who lets you free, but also binds you and fascinates you.
Someone who makes you laugh, but who also doesn’t shy away from your tears.
Someone who wants to know your adventure and wants to go with you…on and off the road.
Dive into the deep, whatever that deep is. That together you can do anything.
Someone who respects that you need your freedom.
That you would rather see each other once in a while and that moment is magically beautiful and exciting?
Feeling completely at ease to share your wishlist. You dare to share and share your dare.
Surprise yourself with what you fantasize about. To amaze that other person and to amuse each other.
Carte blanche.
No strings attached.
All fun and play.
Does such a person exist?
Are you maybe the one?
And can I whisper it in your ear?
Or laugh it out loudly?
That what I have in mind?
A wishlist can be wonderfully beautiful. Varying in its kind. Somewhat foolish maybe and crazy sexy definitely, as it should be.
But it’s all that more beautiful, if I can share it with you.
If you are willing to wander.
Out of the box.
Off track traveling.
I compare my wishlist with a chest of drawers in which my dreams are safe. If it is you, the one I write about, then you know ‘how to get there’ and then you immediately experience how ‘I got there’. Fishing my wishing.
I will show you my thoughts and more.
So the choice is yours.
Do you already know?
Ah, yes, do you choose that special one? I wished for it passionately. Your choice, not for nothing one of the top shelf, so to speak.
I’ll take you with me on a ride, a journey to new beginnings.
So come on, let’s play.
I don’t need expensive, chic leather handcuffs.
Use my pantyhose.
How you tie me, that’s up to you.
But that it must be real tight, you know that now.
And also that I don’t want to be able to go any other way, but you.
Submissive sex.
Tease me.
Spank me.
Be dominant.
And do me. Good. I will beg you for more and you will give it to me, but only if you want to. You will give me assignments that I have to perform, from a massage to a blowjob or pussy-eating or a certain sex position.
It will increase our sex life and it will give us so much pleasure.
Welcome to this wonderful world.
And this is just the beginning. How many drawers again? Imagine a stairway to heaven, baby.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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