sticker (me) girl

sticker (me) girl

Occasionally it happens that I’m approached by someone who reads my blog. I think that’s fantastic and it makes me feel very very honored.
In this case I was approached by a very nice girl. She wrote me to tell me she is a fan of blogporn, how cool is that?
She follows me on Instagram and I follow her back. That’s how it goes, right?
I have looked at her profile and I like her. Already. Because of who she is or what makes me think who she is. Both can and can both. In the wonderful world of social media.
This special girl has name as written in (the) stars. I like it.
Her style is personal and her gaze is steels playful. I hope she holds this, all her life.
I have asked this girl if she wants to sticker for blogporn. She said yes and so this story goes on. Tell the tale, baby.
I imagine that this girl is on a journey, through life itself, following her own way (far). Sticky stickers sticking on the way.
Maybe she sticks them on a handsome men’s torso or on hot buttocks or horny breasts of a sexy woman.
Maybe she sticks them to buildings or other crazy places.
I imagine how she gets on and how she gets off, do you know what I mean? I bet you do…
I hope she sticks stickers in places where it isn’t allowed, that she dares and that she does.
That it generates attention and that it leads to new encounters.
I imagine she gets into conversation with that handsome man and or sexy woman.
I imagine she tells why she reads blogporn and what her own blogporn is. Her own sex story. Is curious. Everything is possible in fantasy and thinking off and about.

Sticker (me) girl. Ah, yessss. Let all the magic of your sex experiences stick to you and also the people whose heart, body and soul you touch.

I think you know by now I’m talking about you. I invite everyone to cross your path and share your smile. Be the shining star that you are. Sterre.



All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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