blue hour

blue hour

The blue hour is the name for the phenomenon that in the morning, the hour before sunrise and in the evening just after sunset, the air and the surroundings takes on a blue color under certain conditions.
The hour between day and night, neither the one nor the other.
I never understood it correctly, but now I do.
The blue hour is part of twilight, which I already wrote about. The name originated from French: l’heure bleue.
The light is beautiful, very soft with a warm shade.
It shows your skin better.
It shows you, but not all.
Would you wake me up?
Or, for my part, we stay together awake for it.
Fuck me until the sun rises.
Lick me from front to back.
Get in with your tongue.
Your fingers.
Your cock.
Let me feel.
Let me come.
Let me exhilarate and surprise you.
Squirt on you.
I’ll make you wet.
Lick your fingers.
Lick your lips.
Tongue me.
I want to taste myself. On everything of you.
The radio soft.
This night has everything.
You have everything.
What I expect from a man.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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