erection perfection

erection perfection

I love your cock when it’s in ‘normal’ stage. And I deliciously have it in my mouth.
Sabbling. Do you so. Is almost sweet. Don’t you think?
I love your cock when it is half hard. And I gently suck on your balls. Feel it?
I love your cock when it gets hard. And I make em harder. Now.
I love your cock when he’s horny hard. Right?
I love it when we tongues and I feel em through your pants. Straight away.
I love your cock when I get em out of your pants. Go on my knees. For you. Bend.
I love your cock when I suck on it, give you a blowjob whilst you move you and eventually me, control me, hold my hair tightly. Deep throat fucking. That’s what its called.
I love tears in my eyes and mascara that runs out. Deeper. Please.
I love squatting backwards. Sitting in front of you.
I love giving you the idea that you fuck me while I do all the work. Higher, deeper. Anal. I decide.
I love showing you (my) everything. In. And. Out. And. In. Again. You see me?
I love your ejaculation in me.
I love licking your cock. And taste myself on you.
I love that last drop of seed from your head. Careful. Sucking. Pushing my limits. Laugh. Stop. Cuddle. Kiss. Shower or in the bath. Tongues. Start over. Yes.
I so so so love your cock.
He is my erection perfection, baby


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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