This is the 52nd blogporn I write. As we speak.
A whole year, almost full. On December 1, it’s our birthday, baby.
Reason for a party?
Without you, blogporn wasn’t here and there. You, my truthful loyal reader, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I want you to be my nr. 52. And then again my nr.1. Literally and figuratively. Do you understand?
The number 1 of the new blogporn year, the no.1 from my existence. Because we exist.
I want you to be the one and stay where I write weekly and for whom I write.
Now that we think in figures, dare, I dream of you and me in a 2.0 version.
Where we failed the first time, I would do it differently now, do it better, want to do, dare to do, be allowed to do, to do, over and over again.
What would a 2.0 version of us look like?
What kind of adventures would find us?
It would be exciting. The most.
It would be sexy. Ultimate.
It would be horny. Intense. Greedy.
It would be happy. Wonderfully free and crazy.
It would be brave. Strong and tough.
It would be love. Pure.
It would be falling. Tumbling, from the bed, not into the darkness, as we did before.
It would be enchanting. Aurora Borealis.
To fantasize and dream about it is like the Northern Lights.
You are that for me. I make a deep bow for that. Just as elusive and just as sparkling. Breathless, speechless.
With so much respect.
I digress. Back to 2.0.
What would 2.1 become? Our first adventure?
I imagine it’s cold.
And I meet you for a hot oil massage.
Not just straight forward.
Twisting, warm, sensual gliding over you.
I get off on that, do you know that?
How I am astride you and move with what my hands do.
You get hard while I’m sitting on top of you. Slow movements, without words. Touching your core. Inside and out.
I’ll work you off, honey.
I turn around and o that does feel wonderful, shiny, hot.
I push my ass in your face.
Lick me baby.
From front to back.
I massage your cock.
Fier, powerful, big, upright.
Jerk off with oil, my very best.
Every blogporn a happy ending?
This one certainly does.
Next week I’ll tell you what next year will bring.
Then there’s a special birthday blogporn, with everything on and on and on, baby.
If anyone has sexy ideas, he or she may email me at blogporn.nl@gmail.com.
Surprise me and I will write you a fucking rainbow. Promised.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld



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