on and on

on and on

Sex with you may take hours.
Sex with you must last for hours.
It has been too short for too long now.
And long was, after all, still far not long enough.
Hours of sex is magical.
It makes your day.
It provides horny and hornier pleasure.
It improves your mood and it increases your libido.
It makes you powerful, it makes you shine inside and out and it allows you have the whole world in your hands. Relaxation during exercise, what more could you want?
What are you waiting for?
Come to me, baby.
Forget the clock.
Kiss me, tongue me.
Press your stiff cock against me, because I’ve seen and felt that you’re hard. I always see and feel your dick through your pants, big and thick, just right, is what I like.
Grab my ass firmly and look at me if you do.
I want to see your eyes, horny fever, remember?
Hungry and horny, horngry.
Am I for you.
I have an unstoppable, inevitable, insatiable urge for the taste of your seed. And not only the taste, your semen inside me, how you come, how you ejaculate, how you moan, how you hold me tight and firm and firmer, while you fuck me.
It doesn’t stop here. No, not my skirt down and your zipper closed again. Take off, take off all of your clothes, this was only the beginning. This is on and on sex, baby. It could be a name for an adult game show, where we win the jackpot.
The fun has only just begun.
Being naked, frolicking around, fluttering, daring, dreaming, doing.
That is my love.
Purity, nudity.
See how I sex you up. Feel how you me.
See everything. Feel everything.
On my knees in front of you. I take your cock in my mouth and suck you off. Long and deep and wet. The look you give me and how I look back when you cum in my throat.
In between laughing, drinking, eating, caressing, massaging, talking about the moon and the stars and the infinity of the Universe. Plan forging and thinking about adventures. Creating possibilities to dream and live that dream, together.
From the couch, to the sink, from the sink, in the bath, out of the bath, in bed, out of bed, astride the stairs, wearing a collar, crawling across the floor, I follow you, you do me, wrists and ankles tied up, from submissive to being in charge, from in charge to the doorbell, from two to a threesome, role play and rubber and this night only gets hotter and better. That is on and on sex. In the most pure intense horny sense of the word. To give meaning. Is like that.
I beg you.
Please do not let it last for hours.
Give it to me now.
The hours are so so long before we last for hours.
And I’ve run out of patience.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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