love drug

love drug

I feel like feeling a blissful, tingling sensation.
And by that I don’t mean solo in my panties.
I’m talking about goose bumps on your head.
Do you recognize that?
I feel like ecstasy.
With you.
Do you dare to share?
Eyes that meet.
Lips that whisper.
Your tongue that answers.
(heart / hard)
Then there is the moment of waiting for.
Curious, happily, in love.
Find our way, walk around, getting a drink at the bar.
Laugh, wonder, wander, but above all, to see each other all over again.
I look at you and you look back at me.
And in that moment, I swear we are infinite.
You take my hand and pull me towards you.
There is only you and me, baby.
And that wonderful everything everything.
We tongues and at the same time you touch me, feel me, everywhere.
This is intense.
My nipples are horny hard.
My pussy is wet, I feel it. You do too.
I feel your erection against me.
You turn around and press it firmly against my ass.
At the same time towards the toilet.
Quite nonchalantly passed the line.
Wink and my naughtiest smile to the pretty frivolous toilet girl, she will come too, you know.
In the toilet. Skirt up, panties off, my breasts pressed against the wall
How you fuck me. From behind.
Deep, slow, firm.
I want to kiss you, real bad.
You feel it.
Intensively we French kiss.
The ecstasy we feel is not just chemical, baby, it is ours. This is us.
I love going on my knees for you.
Taking your delicious cock in my mouth.
To give head or a blowjob, sucking, whatever you call it, you name it, I am on it. All the way.
Because I take you all the way, do you understand?
You come when she comes.
Gently knocking on the door and her voice saying :”open, I want too”.

(to be continued)


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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