January is pure winter.
Long and gray and cold and dark.
We don’t care about that.
Because there’s no outside, outside is outer side. When we are together. It feels like spring. And it sparkles like summer.
We create our own bubble.
A bubble from the inside.
Literally and figuratively.
In our heads and in real life.
Inside is warm, cozy, fiery and comfortable.
Inside is in your arms, safe, protected against ice, hail, snow and wind and actually everything that feels cold and not (be)loved.
Inside is necessary, from time to time.
Inside is not self-evident, obvious, but special.
Inside is to warm up all levels possible and getting closer than ever.
Inside is red wine, fireplace, naked skin on naked skin, kissing, massaging, to try again.
Inside is what no one knows.
Inside is ours.
Inside is your heart.
Inside is your soul.
Inside, where hope glows and love reigns.
We surround ourselves with it.
And wait for the light yet to come.
Waiting with you can hardly be called waiting.
Our time is well spent.
Worth the waiting and worth waiting.
Staring at the fire together.
Hours, lasting, kissing, perseverance is realizing. All is one.
From blue monday, to white tuesday.
Baby, you melt my longest winter.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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