up close and personal (part two)

up close and personal (part two)

Do you remember, baby, when I told you about that feeling that I get when I put my hand in my panties?
That that feels so sexy in one way or another, when I feel my pubic hair at the same time?
How many horny ideas that evoke in me? And that you exist in all those ideas, wishes, dreams, fantasies? Even more, you play the main lead?
That I tell you again that I let my pubic hair grow? I still remember your reaction from that time. It shivers through my body every time I think back to it.
I want it different this time. Take it to another level.
I don’t want to take a bath. But sit on the sink in your bathroom.
I want to spread my legs for you, baby, wide and wider.
My fingers in mouth, softly sucking, letting my eyes tell, radiate, doing it.
Shave me, baby, and do it well.
I want you to do this all again naked, because I want to see you full frontal, up and upper while me looking down and downer.
With ‘take it to another level’ I mean the following. I’m ready for that next step that I wrote about earlier. Do you remember that? Read me back if that isn’t the case, do it.
Imagine that I turn around. Yes, that fits, rest assured, I will take good care of that.
I can see myself in your mirror and I can see also your horny head and dito eyes.
You can look at me too, you know, but look at everything from me. You understand?
I spread as(s) wide as I can and it is possible, I take all the space, trust me on that
See me, feel, shave me.
Go with that razor-sharp knife along my tight little ass, do it.
Let me shimmer of horniness and make me wet and wetter and make me smooth and above all make me ready.
So when your task is finished, you’ll wait for another one. That is what this next step is also all about.
Grab my ass.
You have long seen how good you can get in, all the way.
So do it?
Come get me?
If you can?
I taunt you, tease you, play you.
Until you mercilessly silence me.
What’s left is the gentle banging of my head against your mirror.
Braised sounds of pleasure.
Necnon ad laborem ceteri. After work comes pleasure.
For you, for me there is another ‘job’. I’ll give you a handjob, but not alone.
Welcome sweet, fun, naughty and likewise horny girlfriend.
After all: many hands make light work and to work is to jerk.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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