From moonlight to sunshine.
Today I felt you closer again for the first time since what feels really really a long time ago.
I walked outside without a coat.
You shine.
You do something to me. Something deep inside of me.
Drive me crazy.
Of desire.
To air and light.
To skin on skin.
To buttocks and breasts.
I want to feel them, gently pinch, bite.
Licking, lips, soft, full, round.
Smelling, sucking, your smell, on, me.
How your tongue feels, your stiff, straight through your pants.
Hard and harder, no room for more, heavenly, sparkles, chemistry.
How my pussy feels, soft and wet and also warm and needy, lusty, yes, that word I was looking for.
My clitoris, swelling, tingling, horny.
I want to taste you, I want to dare you.
I want to feel you, I want to tickle you. Subcutaneous. And never ever stop.
How we fuck, slow and intense, looking at each other.
How your gaze changes as your orgasm is there. How you ejaculate.
How my eyes turn away, from pure pleasure and horniness when you fuck me.
Fuck me, baby. Again. And again. Do it well and firmly. I can have you. All the way. Ah, please. How I ejaculate.
How you lick me, how you eat and eat my pussy.
How I lick you, suck your very deliciously horny cock.
How tough you are.
How soft you are.
How beautiful you are.
How sensuously stimulating you are.
Always writing (for you).
Always there.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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