desperately seeking

desperately seeking

The winter was long.
The days dark.
And the nights short.
Too much work, too busy, too much partying, staying awake too long is always not enough sleep.
Keep going on, until you suddenly run out.
You just can’t.
And you just don’t want to either.
While this is just the beginning, spring, butterflies, all the good things that the coming seasons have to offer, warmth, sun, joy, lust, everything.
I charged too little of you, I mean really charged of you.
That type of recharging where you experience total relaxation. And that is allowed. And good.
The type of charging of what sex does to you.
Intense sex.
Pure sex.
Saying nothing and everything at the same time.
Multiple orgasms.
Pull everything out of the closet and most importantly not our clothes.
Laugh, enjoy and try together. Once again, and again and again and again.
On this week’s to-do list is booking a ticket.
A journey far far away from here.
Where I can feel the sun and dive.
In your arms.
I want to be.
A place where we can be naked and vulnerable, without being in a hurry and with all the pleasure, treasure, baby.
I’m going on a journey and I am take with me.
Are you coming?
Are you in?
I’ll take you with me.
Desperately seeking.
I’m eagerly looking.
For rest, calmness.
Safety and courage.
For intimacy and caress.
To be loved and loved.
I’m eagerly looking.
For you.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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