From masturbating myself, while you watched me, with big excited eyes,
to the daring object of my mirror, in that barbershop.

From a rainy night at the front door of your room in that sleazy motel where I showed you, shoes only, my naked truth, to a perfect Christmas Eve, where everything was in its right place, you felt me ​​there and then and allowed me to come in magisterial way, head over feet, under the table, without anyone noticing.

From Christmas to New Year’s Eve in which we found each other in plural and everything got wet and I mean that in the right kind of way.

After all this fabulous excitement, there is a realization and a wonderful feeling inside of me, that there’s a whole new year ahead of me.

With unlimited possibilities.

I’m full of exhilarating ideas, I’m dreaming beautiful lustful dreams and in my heart there is a wanting, needing desire for more… you.

I wish for you everything that sparkles, I wish you soft, but also very hard, I wish for you all that’s beautiful, sweet, horny and oh so sexy. I wish for you adventure and I hope (one day) to share this with you. Forever or occasionally. I want you to know and feel that everything is good.

I have a desire that goes deeper and further this year. I want to fulfill my dreams in all sense of the word(s I write).

I want to get closer. To you, yeah you.

Give up yourself unto the moment.

The time is now.

Happy 2018.

All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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