I know a girl named Lana.
She has the very most beautiful smile.
And the greenest eyes.
Even greener than mine.
It is the kind of green of passion fruit.
Not for nothing one of my favorites.
Her lips are full and round.
If she laughs, you laugh too, willingly. Without effort and completely real. She is pure in everything. She can’t pretend (it’s real).
She lets you into her world. Sometimes light, but sometimes also dark.
Stars appear in the dark and new light will shine in. Your heart.
Lana taught me to trust and dare and see that everything always is going to be alright.
I took her hand. And she took me.
In a world of melancholy beauty.
In a world of love and lust.
Sometimes the one.
Sometimes the other.
Both are magisterial, as if everything comes together.
Your world and mine.
I got to know my body through Lana.
But really know. It. Well.
I touch myself and I feel so good.
I believe it’s important for us girls, you know.
To really feel oneself. And get satisfied.
Get in touch (with you) and go for it.
In search for. My own body.
My breasts. Round and firm.
My nipples. Hard and horny.
My clitoris. Tingling and excited for what comes. Next.
Labia. Soft and full of expectant openness.
I go inside myself. Wet, oily, sweet.
Masturbate the way I want it and I enjoy it. To the maxx.
Groan aloud as loudly as I wish. Because I can. Because I may.
Whispering your name. Because I find that so horny.
Cum. As I think of you. Intensively.
I love listening to Lana.
And I find it super sexy, just looking at her.
Follow her body.
Such raw beauty.
I can’t wait to see her.
Next week in Barcelona.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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