the snow moon

the snow moon

The full moon this Tuesday evening, also called the “snow moon”, will be the biggest and one of the brightest of 2019. The moon will look significantly larger than normal because it will be near its closest distance to Earth during its orbit around the planet.
The distance between the moon and the earth changes throughout the year. This is because the moon doesn’t have a circular, but an elliptical orbit around the earth. On average, the distance between the moon and the earth is 384,000 kilometers. But Tuesday evening will bring the real show: what astronomers at NASA call a “perigean” moon, or “supermoon”. The event will coincide with a full moon that’s often referred to as a “snow moon” or “hunger moon”. With a supermoon the moon is ‘only’ 357,000 kilometers away from us.
You’re not hallucinating: yes, the moon looks brighter than normal, and yes, it looks bigger too.
So that’s why he looks so big tonight and he’s so fierce. Especially at the beginning of the evening, when the sun is just below, he is impressively huge.
We can logically feel the energy of the moon stronger than normal. We can make good use of this, you and me.
I want you.
Super full off (each other).
Relatively close (er).
Give each other freedom to use everything, discover, play and experiment.
I feel a strong urge to break free from my own, limiting beliefs. With unpredictability and volatility as a result.
I want to let my wild hair flutter in the wind and take a risk here and there. You and me, we can now say yes to change, adventure and exciting exhilarating things.
Tender sunbeam seeks rainbow of dreams.
Sparkling wine.
Passion in the night.
Supermoon there.
Superman here.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

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